Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cinnamon Roll Waffle Sticks

Thank you Pinterest for this delicious idea!! 

All you need is: 
A waffle stick maker (a normal waffle maker works too)
One can of your favorite cinnamon rolls with icing (don't buy large sized rolls)
Sprinkles if you want :) 
Cooking spray

What you do:
- warm up waffle maker

- open cinnamon rolls & separate the rolls. Put icing aside. 

- spray waffle stick maker with cooking spray

- place 2 rolls in the center of the maker, close lid & cook (about 3 mins) after trials and error we just cook 2 rolls at a time. (When I did more they either over cooked or under cooked and puffed out the side of the waffle maker. I cook the 2 in the middle of the maker so it cooks evenly once they spread.) 

- once they are all cooked place icing in microwave for 11 seconds and then drizzle over sticks and then top with sprinkles. (You could also dunk them in the icing.)

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