Thursday, September 27, 2012

Turkey Avocado Sandwich

 A.K.A ... the BEST thing you'll ever put in your mouth ... EVER!!  My friend Ruth gets all the credit for this one ... she introduced me to this sandwich and now it's our favorite meal when we have play dates. I think we need to start using 2 avocados though because we like to take the extra from our sandwiches and eat it with pita chips, but there is never enough. Enjoy this one today ... and tomorrow ... and the day after that .... yes you really will want to eat it every day :)

To make 2 sandwiches, you'll need:
4 slices of white bread (you know the kind that sticks to your teeth when you try to talk)
Red onion - thinly slices
Tomato - sliced 
Avocado - mashed and add a little lime juice & garlic salt. 
Deli sliced turkey (I've done ham and it's good too) 

1. Add a thin layer of  mayo to each slice of bread. Top one slice with onions..

2. Add a nice helping of avocado to the slice with no onions on it... 

3. Top the avocado side with tomatoes...  {my mouth is watering}

4. Add your turkey to the mix ...

5. Then put it all together and serve with any extra avocado and pita chips ...

YUM YUM YUM to the last bite (actually I turned this into 3 bites because I wanted to savor it)!!!!!!

Note: if you're thinking about trying wheat, ciabatta bread, or making a panini out of this or adding cheese ... wipe that thought right out of your head :) we tried all these options and they were all no bueno ... just trust us when we say you need some white bread in your life, your mouth and belly will thank you!

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Kristen said...

Realized the other day that it had been a long while since I had checked out this site for recipes! So glad I did because I saw this sandwich and HAD to try it! Oh my word was it delicious!!! Mopped up the rest of the avocado with some tortilla chips. Yum!!