Saturday, December 31, 2011

Turkey Panini

I got a panini grill for Christmas. I didn't think I would like it but I love it! I made one today and it was delish. I love how the sandwich is warm and crunchy but still cool and fresh.

Olive Oil
Miracle Whip
Swiss Cheese
Ciabatta bread

Plug in your panini grill - set the heat to max to warm the grill.

Cut your ciabatta bread bread in half. Take a paper towel. Pour a little olive oil on the paper towel and brush the bread with the oil. Just brush the sides that the grill with touch. I used maybe a couple tablespoons of oil because the paper towel soaked a lot of the oil up. But I didn't by any means soak the bread.

Then open the bread up and build your sandwich. I put the miracle whip on both sides of the bread., then a slice of swiss cheese, then turkey, then tomato, then salt, pepper, oregano, then the sprouts.

Once your sandwich is built put it in your panini grill ... let it do it's magic and enjoy!!

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