Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pasta Salad

So I've never actually made a pasta salad until now because I bought the box pasta salad kit and it almost made me puke, it was sooooooo nasty!!! And so now knowing how simple it really is to make a pasta salad I feel a LITTLE silly for never doing it before. 

What you need:
1 package of tri-color pasta
1 bottle of Italian dressing (I made my own, not so good, so I did it again with Kraft)
A little Italian seasoning (just add as much or as little as you like or skip it all together)
Veggies of choice (I used mushrooms, tomatoes & zucchini - I forgot but I was going to add olives) 

How you do it:
1. Cook pasta according to directions on bag. But basically you boil it for 7-10 minutes and then drain and rise with cold water to cool it off. Then place in a large bowl.

2. While the pasta is cooking you can wash and chop all your veggies. The best part of pasta salad is there is no right way to do it, so really you can add pretty much anything you want and it's still going to be amazing!! 

3. Once you got your cooled off pasta in the large bowl, add your veggies, Italian seasoning and dressing. I would start off with a little of the seasoning and dressing .... you can always add more and you don't want to over do it. Toss it all together. I think it's better after it's chilled in the fridge for a while and all the flavors have settled together, but you can serve it right away too. 

**This is a HUGE batch if you use the entire package of pasta (maybe 8 or more people) so keep that in mind. It keeps good in the fridge for up to 4 days. **

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