Thursday, March 21, 2013

Malibu Chicken

KC Masterpiece Honey Teriyaki Marinade
Chicken Breast (as many as you need)
Ham lunch meat (2 thin slices per chicken)
Swiss cheese (1 slice per chicken)
Pineapple rings (1 per chicken) 

1. Pre-heat BBQ to medium heat

2. Trim any fat off chicken breast. (You can pound them thiner but I didn't - it just makes them easier to cut & eat). Coat with Honey Teriyaki and place on BBQ. Grill for about 7 minutes per side. Spread more Honey Teriyaki on each side as you flip it. 

3. About 3-4 minutes before chicken is done, place pineapple on BBQ and grill until it has grill marks on both sides. Add a little Honey Teriyaki as you are cooking it. 

4. Once chicken is cooked all the way coat once more with Honey Teriyaki (it may seem like you're over doing it but a lot drips off and cooks off & it wasn't marinaded in it so you're fine to keep adding it).

5. Then top each piece of chicken with 2 slices of ham, then 1 slice of swiss and 1 pineapple ring. Close the BBQ lid and once the cheese is melted it's done - remove and eat! 

**Here is a picture of the Honey Teriyaki - it's amazing so don't get anything else :) **

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