Tuesday, October 18, 2011

French Dips

Tonight for dinner I made french dip sandwiches with my left over Pot Roast meat (my lovely sister gave me the idea!) 
I made the pot roast 4 days ago and after we had it for dinner I shredded the extra meat, put it in a bowl and then left it in the fridge. I made some french fries to go with my french dips. While the fries were cooking I got a packet of Au Jus made it according to the directions and put the meat in it in. While it was getting warm I cut my rolls in half, put a little butter on them and toasted them in the oven. Once they were toasted I topped them with the meat, my fries were done and dinner was ready! Just serve with a little extra Au Jus sauce for dipping ... enjoy!

Here is the Au Jus I used ...
This was SOOOO F-A-S-T!! We had a delicious dinner in 20 minutes!

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