Saturday, August 25, 2012

Skittles Vodka

Skittles vodka anyone?

I first came across this idea on Pinterest but according to a quick google search it is everywhere on the internets!
Who knew that there were so many smart people out there?

I followed the directions at THIS SITE and I suggest you do the same.  It’s a fairly straight forward process, but her directions made it easy for me.
I wasn’t making a huge batch of the vodka, because..well…I need to be able to function tomorrow, so I scaled the recipe down.

I bought 5 little tiny bottles of vodka.  They’re so cute!
But I will tell you I felt a bit like a suspicious character purchasing 5 tiny bottles of vodka at the liquor store…so I did what I always do, over-explain myself, which makes the whole scene exponentially more suspicious and awkward than if I had just pretended I was an alcoholic.

When I finally got home, I busted open my nice big bag of Skittles.
I separated them into colors and of course I tasted the rainbow.
Then I added between 25-30 skittles into mini water bottles…
…and poured the vodka into each.
I sealed each bottle with a lid and let them sit. You can let them sit overnight…mine took about 6 hours since I made such a small batch.  If you shake the bottles every so often it helps the process speed up. When the Skittles are dissolved strain the vodka. I used a coffee filter over a cup that I secured on with a rubber band.
I squeezed the vodka through the filter…you will have a weird Skittle foam left in your filter. Then transfer the vodka back into the mini bottles using a funnel.
That’s it! Now, if you’re not hard core and don’t like drinking straight vodka, flavored or not…you can mix the Skittles vodka with just about anything.
*Pictures and recipe from: Thats What We Said

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