Monday, June 4, 2012

Cool Whip Pudding Frosting

1 8oz. carton of Cool Whip
1 3.4oz. package of any flavor of instant pudding {I did French Vanilla}
1 cup of milk

1. Pour milk in a medium bowl. Add package of pudding. Whisk until it gets thick. 

2. Add carton of Cool whip to pudding and fold it all together.

3.  And voila, you have amazing frosting. It will be pretty thick. It makes enough to frost 24 cupcakes or 1 9x13 cake. If you don't serve it right away make sure it goes in the fridge.

4. Frost your cupcakes/cake 
My friend Sarah gave me the idea for these cupcakes. You just divide the cake batter in 3 small bowls and add a different color of food coloring to each bowl and then put one color in the cupcake holder then the other color and then the other color. They turn out pretty cool!!

*Recipe From: 366 Days Of Pinterest

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Anonymous said...

This sounds yummy! After you put the frosting on the cupcakes do you have to keep them in the fridge? I want to make these to take to my son's valentines party but don't want the frosting to melt off! Thanks for sharing!