Saturday, August 20, 2011

Lunchbox Ideas

My friend Laura shared this blog with us and it has some super great ideas for your kids lunches (I'm going to use some for my husband's lunches) ... they are very healthy and easy to make! It's a great website!! Thanks Laura for the awesome find & ideas :>
apple- pb-honey quesadilla, colby-jack cheese, strawberries & blackberries, Snapea Crisps

 Pb&j roll-ups, Annie's cheddar snack mix, grapes, yogurt with sprinkles

homemade pb&j "uncrustables", yogurt + peaches + granola = yogurt parfait

Ham & Cheese roll-ups, oriental rice crackers, cucumbers, ranch dip, homemade carrot bran mini muffin, grapes

Cheese Quessadilla, kiwi, yogurt, salad, dressing
Mexican Fiesta! Blue corn chips, salsa, cheese, homemade guac, refried beans, leather (real) fruit strip

Ham, Cheese & Spinach wrap, grapes, Snapea Crisps, yogurt, blackberries

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