Saturday, March 17, 2012

Frozen Yo-Dots

I saw these cute little frozen yogurt dots on Pinterest via this blog and knew I had to try them. Emily is just starting to eat yogurt so I wasn't sure if she would like them, but she loved them! They were incredibly easy to make!! I got an entire cookie sheet full of drops from just one small yogurt container! I see these being a favorite summer time snack at our house!

All you need:
a cookie sheet (or wax paper)
plastic baggie
a freezer

Directions:1. Put the yogurt in the plastic baggie.

2. Cut a small hole in one corner of the bag.
3. Squeeze little dots onto your cookie sheet or wax paper.

4. Freeze for about an hour.

5. Enjoy with your little one!

**Pictures and recipe from Some Times Sweet

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